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"Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be.
His pedigree tells us what he ought to be.
offspring tells us what He Is!" 





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For 2023

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"Offspring Color Information Available for Some Stallions"

01/11/23 Last UpDated


'Battle Stations










This is a direct offspring of the Great Choco-Lot. We feel like he will be the replacement for Choco-Lot.
This is the first year for outside breeding on this stallion.
His pedigree speaks for himself. A third generation of the Choco horse and direct offspring of the Multi Champion under saddle and conformation Choco-Lot.
His dam is Hansom Molly a daughter of Hershey a Clemons Tim and a Johnsons Toby mare.
Battle is a Homozygous Stallion.
That simple means a Chocolate foal every time.
Battle stands at 15.0 hands and displays a natural trail gait.
Ignoring his name he has that much desired puppy dog temperament.
He has perfect conformation and excellent barn manners.

Click Here to View Battle Stations Pedigree

                                                                                                                                           Stud Fee $600.00


'Rios River Dance'

First Timed and Limited breeding offered for the 2021 International Grand Champion Amateur Horse.  Rios River Dance is sired by the Great Choco-Lot from whom there has been many World Champion Horses. His dam is a direct Choco Doc mare. Rios River Dance is 15.0 hand stallion that gene tested an ‘EE’ Pure Black. That simply means the he will sire only Black or Chocolate foals when bred to a Chocolate mare. River Dance will return to the showing in mid May. So make sure you book early. AI may be available check with us to see



Stud Fee: $600.00

Click Here to View River Dance Pedigree
Video Hear



'Not Yet'



This is ‘Not Yet’ a six year old Black Stallion sired by UnReal and dam by Clemons Nick. Not Yet is a Park gaited stallion receiving is natural high front end from the famous Clemons Nick and UnReal. He stands at 15.0 hands with excelled conformation and a superior disposition. Not yet carries the genes for some of the great Rocky Mountain Horses. Clemons Nick, Clemons Tim, Smiths Ginger, Yankee (Ragtime), April’s Delight, Buddy Roe, Sambo and Cheeks Rocky.  He has been shown successfully with many World Champion titles to his credit. His gait is smooth and natural.  Not Yet will be bred sparingly for his first breeding season (2021) so book early.




Stud Fee: $500.00

Click Here to View Not Yet Pedigree


            'Looking for Old Blood Lines'? 'Triple Registered' Rocky Mountain Horse
UnReal is sired by Sambo a Ray Smith horse who is sired by Clemons Tim and a great foundation mare. UnReal's dam is out the famous Bumper Mare direct from the Old Black Mare from Sam Tuttle's farm. 'Sambo', UnReal's sire has been bred sparingly because of his color and location however he carries the gene's pool of the old Rocky's horses bred for years by J.B. Smith of Knott County Kentucky. Some of Sambo's get include Copper Bullet, BayWatch. UnReal is a Chestnut color, he carries the 'ee' gene set with a sooty or smutty modifier. He has an exciting gait that is smooth and even. His temperament is unequaled for a stallion. UnReal is the Amateur International Grand Champion Under Saddle for 2007 and again in 2009 and repeated again in 2017. One of the most talked about stallion in the registry today. He is the Amateur World Grand Champion in all Three Major Showing Associations. 
Call us to discuss your breeding needs and color possibilities

Stud Fee: $600.00

Click Here to View UnReal Pedigree


'B & A Southern Comfort

Offered for Your Breeding Consideration "Southern Comfort". Comfort is a Double Registered Golden Colored Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain stallion. Comfort is from the old Rocky blood lines. He is a half brother to Dock's Apache Gold. Comfort has been bred sparingly throughout his career. Southern Comfort has a Park gait wining many Park classes throughout his show career.  Comfort is sired by a direct Dock Stallion Dock's SHAW KNEE WHA TA.  The stallion carries some of the old Rocky Blood Lines such as Dock, Choco, Johnsons Toby, Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown and Tobe. Comfort stands at 15.1 hands with excellent conformation and size. His genes give him those big powerful hind quarters so necessary in developing the Smooth natural four beat gait. Long arched neck and wide powerful chest completes his Comfort's attractive package. Comfort gene typed to have one Agouti gene that he passes on to at least 40% 'forty percent' of his offspring. This will give you a Buckskin or Bay colt.
His Cream gene is passed on at least 85% 'eighty five' of the time to his offspring. Comfort has sired only two Chestnut offspring.  Of course will sire Chocolate's when bred to a Homozygous Chocolate mare.
Please choose this magnificent Old Time bred Rocky Mountain Stallion for your next breeding.

                                                                                                                                                 Stud Fee: $600.00
Click Here to View Southern Comfort's Pedigree
pped Semen Available on Some Stallions
Click Here to View Gait Video



A Triple Registered (RMHA, MPHA, KMSHA) 15.0 Hand Chocolate White Mane and
Tail Stallion by The Great 'Choco' and a Clemons Tim mare. Size, Gait, Conformation, Looks, Temperament.
'Choco-lot' has the complete package. One of the hottest breeding stallions in the breed today!
Choco-Lot colts are in high demand and are selling at a premium. 'CD's Gambler, 'Choco-Lot's Image', 'Choco-Lot's Fancy Dancer', 'Choco-Lot's Promise', 'The Illusionist' and many more International and World Champion off spring.
A Magnificent example of The Rocky Breed
! Only sire to produce the a International World Champion, The Sam Tuttle Award and the Rea Swan award in the same year. A great tribute to Choco-Lot and his abilities in the breeding shed!

Stud Fee: $750.00

Click Here to View Choco-Lot's Pedigree

Shipped Semen Available Call For Details



' J T's. Pride '

A 15.0 Hand Triple Registered Dark Chocolate Stallion by the great Johnson Toby dam by Dan's Dusty Action a leading  producer in the RMHA. He has a Flaxen mane and tail, excellent conformation, natural and exciting gait.  Sired by the great Johnson's Toby and dam by Dan's Dusty Action.
He carries some of the best RMHA stallions and mares on his pedigree
A hansom stallion suited for any breeding program.
J T' has the high classic gait and passes it on to his offspring and they are winning in the
show ring. 2014 RMHA International Grand Champion under saddle.
Naturally gaited and they are all beautiful.

Stud Fee: $750.00  

Click Here to View J T' Pride Pedigree




'FVF's Maximus' 


'Looking for Size, Gait and Conformation’
 Maximus is sired by Jeremiah Johnson a RMHA World Champion.
Maximus stands at 15.1
hands and has excellent conformation.
Maximus dam is a beautiful Red Chocolate mare sired by CDs Elixir.This stallion will give you the sought after smooth Rocky Mountain gait along with the great conformation Color and Size. He is tempered with the great Rocky Mountain Temperament. This is the first year being offered to the public.  
Call us to discuss your breeding needs and color possibilities


Stud Fee: $500.00

Click Here to View Maximus Pedigree

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